Friday, 19 December 2008

Chart Update

"Because I Love You" falls out of the top 60 in sweden after 1 week and "Gold" does not enter the album chart at all. 

Friday, 12 December 2008

"BILY" - Chart news

"Because I Love You" has entered swedish charts at a low 55. They need to release the video soon. 

Thursday, 4 December 2008

"BILY" - news

"BILY" is nowhere to be seen in the Swedish singles chart after its release last week. Maybe when the video is out it will chart.

Great UK News!

September's debut UK album will be released in June 09! according to Hard2beat

Also September will part of Hard2beat's Dance Nation Arena Tour. She will perform "Cry For You" and her forthcoming smash "Cant Get Over" as well as glittering new tunes!

Monday, 1 December 2008

Bad news in Australia

September's Australian record company Central Station has followed its parent company Destra into administration. This is terrible news for September fans in Australia, but at least her debut Australian album was released just before the closure.

It looks like it will be a while now before you hear new stuff from September in Australia.

More info:

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Friday, 21 November 2008

"Can't Get Over" info

"CGO" has just been played on Radio 1 in the UK, finally we have the new single on radios!!

Thursday, 20 November 2008

"Gold" info

The release of "Gold" in sweden has been pushed back to the 17th December. This will make more time to get "BILY" video out.

"Cant Get Over" official new UK single

Finally we will get the follow up to "Cry For You" 

Hear the new mix of "CGO" at Hard2Beat

I think its great. Cant wait for video, I've been told by Kamillo from the official forum that there will be brand new video!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Next UK single speculation

As mentioned earlier "Cant Get Over" would be the next single in Australia. But apparently it will also be the next single in the UK. We are meant to hear the new version and the video in december.

"BILY" video info

Thanks to the Official September Forum I can reveal that a video has been filmed for "BILY" but management were not happy with the video, a new video will be filmed in the beginning of December.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

"BILY" - Dave Ramone Radio Edit

This is my favourite version of "BILY" that i have heard.

and the Jazzy Candlelight version

Monday, 17 November 2008

"BILY" pushed back

The swedish release of "Because I Love You" has been pushed back a week to the 26th november now, the same week as "Gold" release. Its not surprising since there is no cover for the single or no video yet.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Alternative Gold cover

Here is the german cover for gold. Really bad cover. Stupid to have new photoshoot for swedish release to use a old pic for german release. 

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

"Gold" - the cover

Here it is... the "Gold" cover, i love it. I think it could be my favourite cover by September. 

"Cant Get Over" - next Australian single

"Cant Get Over" will be the next single in Australia. it will be remixed by local djs for the release.

The album "September" is released the 15th November and will feature 5 video clips.

1. Satellites
2. Cry For You
3. Can't Get Over
4. Because I Love You
5. Sad Song
6. Looking For Love
7. Flowers On The Grave
8. Until I Die
9. Freaking Out
10. Taboo
11. Candy Love
12. Midnight Heartache
13. Sound Memory
14. Follow Me
15. R.I.P
16. Cry For You (Candlelight Edit)


1. Cry For You
2. Can't Get Over
3. Satellite
4. Looking For Love
5. Cry For You (Original Clip)

"Gold" - tracklist

Here is the tracklist for "Gold" i thought it would be something like this but i did hope for a couple of new songs.

1 Cry For You (Uk Radio Edit By Daveramone)
2 Because I Love You (Jvd Radio Edit
3 Can't Get Over
4 Candy Love
5 R.I.P.
6 Looking For Love
7 Satellites
8 Flowers On The Grave
9 It Doesn't Matter
10 Sacrifice
11 Sad Song
12 Freaking Out
13 Taboo
14 Midnight Heartache
15 Until I Die
16 End Of The Rainbow

Because I Love You - release date

Finally we have a release date for Septembers new single "Because I Love You" the single will be released on the 19th November in sweden, the week before the release of "Gold" album.

i think the UK will get the release round the same time followed by the "Gold" album.

Friday, 24 October 2008

Because I Love You - radio edit

Finally we have the new mix of "Because I Love You"

I really like it and im glad we got new version of the song because I didnt like the original.

also i seen on the polish forum that the video has been shot!

check out: Cry For You... your gonna see me again...

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Australian Tour

September will be performing in areas clubs around Australia to promote her new album that will be released.

October 31 : Melbourne (Crown Casino)
November 01 : Adelaide (Earth Nightclub)
November 02 : Gold Coast (Bedroom)
November 04 : Melbourne Cup (Flemington - Saab Marquee)
November 06 : Melbourne Cup (Flemington - Saab Marquee)
November 07 : Sydney (Trademark)
November 08 : Newcastle (Fanny)
November 09 : Sydney (Home)

New album "Gold"?

On a new album has been listed. the title is Gold (International Album Ed) and its due to be released 26th Nov 08. 

I wonder if its a release of the american album or "September In Orbit" but i dont think its going to be a studio album. Would be nice if it featured one or two new songs. I wonder if we get a new single then just before the album release to promote it or if they will just put it out there which means it would probably flop.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

New layout coming soon

I will upload a new layout soon to make the place look much better.

Because I Love You - 2nd International Single

Various sources say "Because I Love You" will be the next international single from Petra Marklund. According to Petra's UK record label 'Hard2beat' Petra would be recording new material as her follow up to "Cry For You" but now its seems likely that "Because I Love You" will be remixed just as "Cry For You" was.

Its beens over 6 months since "Cry For You" was released in the UK, the new single needs to be released soon.

UK Tour

September will feature on the Clubland Live tour. The tour starts Thursday 27th November in Belfast and finishes the 5th December in Hull.

September will stop at
  • Oddyssey Arena - Belfast
  • Exhibition Centre - AECC - Aberdeen
  • SECC - Glasgow
  • Metro Radio Arena - Newcastle
  • Arena - Sheffield
  • LG [NEC] Arena
  • Evening News Arena - Manchester
  • Hull Arena - Hull
more info on the

September - Australian release

September is set to release her first album in Australia, the album is expected to be released in November. The album was originally planned for September but got pushed back, maybe so Petra can travel to Australia to promote the album. The album will have the same tracklist has the US album. 

The single Cry For You falls to 22 in Australia in its 11th week. Its peak is 16.