Friday, 17 July 2009


  • September will perform on tonights (17th July) Big Brothers Big Mouth. I would guess she will perform "Until I Die" but we will have to wait and see.
  • There is alot of talk that "Cry For You - the album" will still be released 3rd August, if only hard2beat would give some news about it.
  • After months of waiting "Leave It All Behind" can be heard on youtube after the promo copy of "CFY - the album" leaked this week. The album is worth buying just for "Leave It All Behind" alone. It is such a strong song, would have made a fantastic follow up to "Cry For You"

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


September performed at Guilfest on Sunday. She sang "Until I Die", "Can't Get Over", "Satellites" (Remix) and "Cry For You" She called "Until I Die" her new single which seems strange... When the music started for "Satellites" it sounded like a brand new song but it turned out just to be a remix. She did an interesting dance to the remix of "Satellites"

I asked her when the new Swedish album would be released and she said she is working on it now and probably next year.

September All Over?

As you will probably all know by now the single release of "Until I Die" has been cancelled due to Radio 1 refusing to play it, though at Guilfest Petra called the song her new single... To add to this "Cry For You - the album" has been removed from various online websites such as amazon and hmv putting the albums future into question. Some rumors mention the album being released digitally on 3rd August.

I think September would have had a better chance if they kept her the way she was, rather then remix the songs and chav her up for the UK market and taking away her creativity. Also the release of "Can't Get Over did not help, "Until I Die" would have been a stronger 2nd single choice.

As someone mentioned on the forum a statement from hard2beat would be good, to let the disappointed fans know their reasons for the cancellation and what there next plans are. I think releasing "Looking For Love" could make a good single choice, it will shown the public a different side to September and it already has a video so could been released quite quickly. A video to the b-side of "Until I Die" which was a megamix of songs is currently being shown on UK music channels.

This time last year it all looked so good for September...

Thursday, 9 July 2009

According to various sites the release of "until I die" has been cancelled due to radio one ignoring the track. This puts the album into question... I don't know why they can't just release it without radio one, yes it's important but cascada managed a number one album without radio one support. There is a big depend for September and people want to hear more.

Monday, 6 July 2009

End Of The Tracklist

The final track on the UK album is "End Of The Rainbow" Great track to finish with.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Until I Die - tracklist

The album megamix on the CD single sounds exciting and should be interesting to hear. The release date of the single has been pushed back to 27th July, probably due to Radio 1 not playlisting the track yet, hopefully they wont boycott the song after "Can't Get Over" failed to repeat the success of "Cry For You"

1. Until I Die [UK Radio Edit]
2. Album Megamix [Megamix of Cry for You, Can't Get Over, Looking for Love and Until I Die]

1. Until I Die [UK Radio Edit]
2. Until I Die [The Real Booty Babes Edit]
3. Until I Die [Jason Nevins Edit]
4. Until I Die [Original]
5. Until I Die [Dave Ramone Club Mix]

Thanks to forum member Ivo for the find on

Because I Love You

After various tracklists revealing "Because I Love You" would not be on the album then other sites stating it would be have now confirmed that "Because I Love You" will feature on the UK debut released next month. The track was remixed by Dave Ramone and originally featured on the Swedish release of "Because I Love You"

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Alternative Tracklist. have recently updated the tracklist of "Cry For You - the album" to include "BILY" and "Taboo" but it does not include "September All Over", also the page also states the album will be one disc, not two as previously mentioned.

1. Cry For You [UK radio edit]
2. Can't Get Over [UK radio edit]
3. Until I Die [UK radio edit]
4. Satellites [Hard2Beat edit]
5. We Can Do It [UK radio edit]
6. Flowers On The Grave
7. Leave It All Behind [UK radio edit]
8. Looking For Love [UK radio edit]
9. Because I Love You [Dave Ramone edit]
10. Taboo
11. Midnight Heartache
12. Sacrifice
13. End Of The Rainbow
14. Cry For You [original edit/bonus track]
15. Can't Get Over [original edit/bonus track]
16. Until I Die [original edit/bonus track]

September All Over

"September All Over" is the next song featured in the vblogs.