Thursday, 7 May 2009

New Single to be annouced tomorrow.

The third UK single from September will be revealed exclusively on tomorrow (7th may) at 4.30pm

"HARD2BEAT will be announcing September's new UK single and details on her new UK album right here at 4.30pm tomorrow (7th May).

There have been many rumours on the internet and we've had loads of phone calls about it, but all we're saying is the new single may not be what you've heard it will be!"

from september's twitter:

"I Will Be Announcing My New UK Single @ 4:30pm Tomorrow on Hard2Beat.Com....See You There xxx"


Tom S. said...

Finally :) I can't wait anymore :)

SeptemberInternational said...

I am so curious....this blog is very good,very good work i have one to check it out:

Luis - BsAs said...


Ivo said...

160 minutes to go... can't wait XD