Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Finally some news

September performed at the Belgian TMF Awards last week. She sung Cry For You, which is the current single in Belgium. It the entered the charts a few weeks ago.

Make what you want of the hair.

Other news is that Petra is working on her new Swedish album, possibly released in 2010.

Also, it seems that the Dutch release of Because I Love You has been cancelled, as it disappeared the charts a few weeks ago.


Ivo said...

Cool performance! :)

I think her hair is like P!nk's hair. Very cool! :)

And yeah, it seems the release of BILY in the Netherlands has been cancelled... :(

Anonymous said...

well, is not the only thing here, the voice OMG she sounds like the chimpmunks, that weird voices she has in this performance! hahahahaha! LOL
I still love her and hope she will get a decent single out and a decent album, no more refries of old stuff and flopped cancellations, poor petra i wish her many luck to see her big again! =)

Kent said...

I wasn't meant to be anonymous, LOL

Anonymous said...


Ivo said...

More news will follow very soon... keep checking! :)