Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Biggest Swedish music export 2009!

Petra has been awarded with the title "Biggest Swedish music export 2009"! She was nominated for the title in 2008, but this time she's Sweden's number one music export!
Recently found the new on CatchyTunes.se. It's not really up-to-date, but it's great news!

Also, according to Petra's Twitter, she'll be performing in Chicago, Miami, New Jersey, and... New York! So, US September fans, give it a look!


Eduardo Fernandes said...

Yeah, Yeah! I thought it would be Agnes, not September. I love both, but i prefer September of course! =)

New album is getting too late. =/

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Ivo said...

Yes, it's great news! The album is getting late indeed. But I don't mind if they're taking their time to make it an unforgetable album. But you're right, it would be great if some things would be revealed! The title for example! :)

By the way, Eduardo, did you register at the forum? I got an e-mail that a member named "Eduardo" joined the forum, but I can't find that member in the memberlist. Did you (if it was you) activate your e-mail?


Eduardo Fernandes said...

She wrote in the twitter an interesting thing> One "wanna know your name". Could it be a new song!
She's making me crazy. It serious!

I don't remember with I've registered.I will register again, though.

Gavin said...

i wanna know your name is the name of a song by the swedish house mafia. nothing to do with septembers new release lol

Ivo said...

Well, you never know! ;)