Sunday, 22 February 2009

"Can't Get Over" - US release

"Can't Get Over" has been released on US itunes. The single features 12 tracks. The US physical release is the 3rd March.

1: UK Radio Edit
2. Dave Ramone Edit
3. Wideboys Edit
4. Jens Kindervater Edit
5. Figoboy Remix
6. Dave Ramone Remix
7. Wideboys Remix
8. Jens Kindervater Remix
9. Buzz Junkies Remix
10. Wideboys Dub
11. Buzz Junkies Dub
12. Instrumental


Luis - BsAs said...

Woa! i want it!!!!

Ivo said...

My favorites are the Wideboys remixes. :D

But is this an official release or an promo release? I saw photo's on eBay, it looks like a promo... :D