Thursday, 12 February 2009

September Interview - new material will have attitude

September did an amazing interview at scandipop where she reveals alot of interesting things.

Here is the really exciting news:

  • There will be a 3rd UK single before the album which will be a brand new song, she worked with Jonas Von Dur Berg on the song. September said "we both feel that this is the best thing we’ve ever done together!"
  • Two new albums: a UK album similar to the Australian album but it will feature some brand new songs. Also another brand new studio album.
  • September will be featured in The Sun, FHM, The Daily Star
  • Promo tour of UK radio stations, a gig at G-A-Y at the end of the month.
click here to read the full interview

1 comment:

Eduardo Fernandes said...

Really exciting!
September rocks!
The new material will be excellente. I hope it so!