Sunday, 15 March 2009

Can't Get Over

"Can't Get Over" has charted at a disappointing 14 in the UK. It was a hard week to crack the top 10. Maybe next week it can climb to the top 10 however the single has already started to fall on itunes, currently sitting at 13. Its peak on itunes was 8 a few days ago.

I think "Can't Get Over" was a terrible single choice for the UK. "Until I Die" would have been an immense single choice. But we can now look forward to Petra's next UK single which will be a brand new song :)


Eduardo Fernandes said...

Disappointing 14#?
It's very good! A few artists of Sweden reach this position.

Gavin said...

compared to Cry For You this is disappointing and the fact the album is not out yet