Tuesday, 31 March 2009

September: "Jacko is my Hero"

Here is an article taken from the Daily Star website (UK newspaper) found by septembermusic.com.pl

DANCE babe September has thanked Michael Jackson for transforming her into a disco diva – and inspiring her bizarre love of animals.

The Swedish singer, real name Petra Marklund, plans to catch zoo-mad Jacko’s sold-out comeback gigs this year and may even bring her singing pet dog along too.

And mirroring her 50-year-old hero’s friendship with chimp Bubbles, she confesses she trusts dogs more than men.

Pooch fanatic Petra told me: “I’m a true disco diva thanks to Michael Jack-son. He was my big idol growing up and I can’t wait to see him in London this year.

“I have a pet chihuahua called Sibbie who I taught to sing. We like to duet so maybe we could all sing together sometime.”

Ah, if only Bubbles were still alive to join in as well.

September, currently in the Top 20 with clubtastic Can’t Get Over, has more respect for her four-legged friends than she does for fellas.

She admitted: “I get a lot of attention from men who can get a little too intense. They try to come over to Sweden and find me.

“That’s something you have to handle when you are in the spotlight but it’s too much. I think you can count on dogs more than men.”

Petra, 24, can’t wait to come back to Britain and perform live on the Easter Dance Nation Tour alongside Basshunter and Booty Luv.

She said: “Britain is the party country of Europe. Manchester is especially crazy.

“The UK has always been very important to me but I wanted to get it right so we have been waiting for the right time to release my first album here.

“But it’s coming after the tour.”

The platinum blonde has a strange pre-gig ritual to help get her in the mood.

Petra revealed: “I make my dancers hit me very hard on my arms.

“People who don’t know us worry but it helps me overcome nerves.” What-ever gets you going girl.

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