Thursday, 23 April 2009

September Live

September will be 1 of the acts performing at this years Guildfest in July. September will perform in Guildford on Sunday 12th July, alongside Will Young, Ironik and the Happy Mondays.

It will be a great chance to see September perform her songs live.

for more info:


Ivo said...

Just got my copies of Can't Get Over :)
But the extra content on the CDM isn't available in the Netherlands :(
Gav, could you please tell us what content it is? Is it illegal to post the photos?

I also got Looking for Love today!

Hope September will peform in the Netherlands too :D

Gavin said...

the disc didnt work for me 2 on my computer. but i think the pics that are on it you have seen before. they have been posted on

if i get the disc to work i will post the pics.

what cds do you have ivo?

Ivo said...

Heey Gav,

Thanks :)
Do you mean all the September CDs I have?

Gavin said...

yes what cds do you own of september? can u post a pic?

Ivo said...

Ohw, I don't know how to upload a picture, but this are all of my September CDs:

In Orbit
Dancing Shoes
September [US release]
Dancing In Orbit [Dutch release]
Gold [German release]

Satellites [4tr]
Looking for Love [4tr]
Cry for You [Dutch 4tr]
Can't Get Over [Dutch 4tr]
Until I Die [Dutch 4tr]
Can't Get Over [UK CD1]
Can't Get Over [UK CD2]

I hope to get more CDs, I want them all :)

Could you tell us what CDs you have?

Gavin said...

nice collection Ivo.

I have

La La La (Never Give It Up)
We Can Do It
Satellites [Swedish]
Looking For Love [Swedish]
Flowers On The Grave [Swedish]
Cry For You [Swedish]
Cry For You [Australian]
Cry For You [UK cd1]
Cry For You [UK cd2]
Cry For You [UK promo]
Cry For You [Dutch]
Can't Get Over [Swedish]
Can't Get Over [UK cd1]
Can't Get Over [UK cd2]
Until I Die [Dutch]
Until I Die [Swedish]

September [Swedish]
In Orbit [Swedish]
In Orbit [Polish]
Dancing Shoes [Swedish]
September [US]

Ivo said...


That's very much ;)
Very cool Gavin.

How did you get them all?
With eBay?
I really want the Polish Edition of In Orbit... :)

Ivo said...

You have a cool collection Gavin,
but I thought you also have BILY? :)