Thursday, 23 April 2009

Various Performances.

Here is a list of upcoming performances taken from septembers myspace.

1 May 200920:00
Ring ClubBukarest
9 May 200920:00
Cuprum ArenaLubin
16 May 200920:00
City FestivalKonin
24 May 200920:00
Powerhouse NightclubNewcastle
5 Jun 200920:00
City FestivalPolice
6 Jun 200920:00
City FestivalChorzów
12 Jun 200920:00
13 Jun 200920:00
Nove Zamky Summer FestNove Zamky
26 Jul 200920:00
Canada WonderlandToronto, Ontario
30 Aug 200920:00
Katy Wroclawskie City FestivalKaty Wroclawskie
5 Sep 200920:00
Wine FestivalZielona Góra


Ivo said...

She doesn't come to the Netherlands :"(

Does somebody knows if there is a gallery with all these pictures (the pics next to the text in this post)?

Gavin said...

that picture is from the Dancing Shoes album booklet, when I get time i will upload the pictures.

Ivo said...

Is the picture of this post an old pic? I thought it was a new pic from UK photoshoot.

With the grey background and September with white hair in her black dress :)

You made a wallpaper from one of the pics (what is still is my background :D).