Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Until I Die - UK edit

You can hear the new UK radio edit of "Until I Die" on hard2beat


Luis - BsAs said...

OH! it's not workin! :(

Ivo said...

Bad luck... keep tryin'!

But I really like the new render Gavin! :) great work

Luis - BsAs said...

It's workin' now! lol

Well. I like the original "Until I Die", and this new version, it's not too differetn.

Keep waiting for Breathe.

Ivo said...

Hi Luis - BsAs,

That's also what I thought :)

Oh and about Breathe, it's released now, u can see it on YouTube. On the Forum is a link to this vid :)

Luis - BsAs said...

I like Breathe, but i want some one new! jeje. cant wait.