Wednesday, 15 July 2009

September All Over?

As you will probably all know by now the single release of "Until I Die" has been cancelled due to Radio 1 refusing to play it, though at Guilfest Petra called the song her new single... To add to this "Cry For You - the album" has been removed from various online websites such as amazon and hmv putting the albums future into question. Some rumors mention the album being released digitally on 3rd August.

I think September would have had a better chance if they kept her the way she was, rather then remix the songs and chav her up for the UK market and taking away her creativity. Also the release of "Can't Get Over did not help, "Until I Die" would have been a stronger 2nd single choice.

As someone mentioned on the forum a statement from hard2beat would be good, to let the disappointed fans know their reasons for the cancellation and what there next plans are. I think releasing "Looking For Love" could make a good single choice, it will shown the public a different side to September and it already has a video so could been released quite quickly. A video to the b-side of "Until I Die" which was a megamix of songs is currently being shown on UK music channels.

This time last year it all looked so good for September...


Ivo said...

Yes, totally agree :)
I hope they will update their site soon, so we know what really is going on...

BTW, how's the Album Megamix? :)

Luis - BsAs said...

All that im gonna to say is that I just want new songs.

She's a great artist, with a perfect voice. A precious stone to be polished.