Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Alternative Tracklist. have recently updated the tracklist of "Cry For You - the album" to include "BILY" and "Taboo" but it does not include "September All Over", also the page also states the album will be one disc, not two as previously mentioned.

1. Cry For You [UK radio edit]
2. Can't Get Over [UK radio edit]
3. Until I Die [UK radio edit]
4. Satellites [Hard2Beat edit]
5. We Can Do It [UK radio edit]
6. Flowers On The Grave
7. Leave It All Behind [UK radio edit]
8. Looking For Love [UK radio edit]
9. Because I Love You [Dave Ramone edit]
10. Taboo
11. Midnight Heartache
12. Sacrifice
13. End Of The Rainbow
14. Cry For You [original edit/bonus track]
15. Can't Get Over [original edit/bonus track]
16. Until I Die [original edit/bonus track]


Ivo said...

It's good Because I Love You is included ^^
Also GREAT that Taboo is on it, one of my favourites :D

Tom said...

But where is Sin of My Own?? WTF?

Ivo said...

Yeah, this is weird. :|
You think they will cancel September All Over and Sin of my Own?
Maybe they put them on the 2nd disc (if there comes a 2nd disc...)?

Also, I saw Looking for Love is a UK Remix :D

Gavin said...

i think this is the promo tracklist... i heard it has looking for love uk mix but no sin of my own.

Ivo said...

Hmm... maybe :)
But I don't think so.
It's on the HMV website... that's an offical shop, isn't it? :)

Gavin said...

maybe hard2beat are playing with us and giving us loads of dif information?

Eduardo Fernandes said...

September all over and Sin on my own will be in the album. Hard2beat site is more reliable than HMV.